Word cannot open the document

How do I fix a ‘Word cannot open the document’

Have you ever get such problems as Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges or forgetting a password of locked data? Reading this topic, you will know the best ways of solving such troubles.

What to Do if the Password Is Incorrect?

It’s a very common situation when a user forgets a password or gets a locked document and there is no time to contact its owner. In such a way, there are some methods to deal with this problem.
• To download free software unlocking documents. For example, you can try GuaWord if you are using old versions of Word. It’s quite old-fashioned as there is no interface, it uses a command line, and the decryption process can be very time taking. Nevertheless, the outcomes are prevailingly good.
• To download premium software unlocking files. Such programs are very reliable and effective. It won’t take a lot of time to recover a password using them. A good example is Passper Word Password Unlocker which provides a very user-friendly interface. 100% protection of all the data, guaranteed satisfying results, and so forth.
• To try some online tools. There are many of them on the Web. But be careful as lots of them are untrusted. It’s not recommended to share some private data with them as it will locate on their servers and who knows will they delete it or not. Also, it may take a lot of time and require to pre-pay for the services.

How to Solve Access Privileges Problem

Another common problem that Word users often face is access privileges limitations. In most cases, it is caused due to data encrypting, file transactions between devices, and Word updating. It’s pretty annoying and may cause some issues. However, there are some solutions to this trouble:
• To change file permissions. In most cases, the reason for this problem is that you aren’t the original owner of the document. So, try to add yourself to the list of owners and change your permissions. Open the Permission Entry window and grant yourself all the permissions that are needed for you.
• To change deny permissions. The document may not open because it denies every user as it is set in security properties. To solve such an issue, try to allow Full Control in Properties-Security-Edit. In most cases, this trouble is caused when a file is transferred from one computer to another.
• To remove personal information and properties. Sometimes, a document can automatically make it inaccessible as you aren’t its original user. So, the solution is to make it free of any personal information. Select Properties-Remove Properties and Personal Information. You can also make a copy before such an operation to avoid any troubles.
• To unable Anti-Virus automatically folders protection. Such software differs a lot, but many of it can be a reason for this trouble. Try to put the file into Exceptions.
• To relocate a file to another drive. In some cases, a drive is a reason for the issue and it may open perfectly being on another one.
• To change Inherit from parent entries. It is a very useful feature for some users, but it can cause this issue as well. Select Properties-the Security Tab-Advanced-Disable inheritance. Try to open the file once again.